My name is Cynthia Bresnahan, AKA Cindie. I've been married for 27
years to my husband Bill and we have two lovely daughters, Danielle and
Katrina. We we share our home with the most wonderful pet buddies
.  We
live in Bristol, CT and have for all our married years. 11 years ago I
planted Wisteria in front of  our big old brick house. Needless to say... it
kinda took over the front, sides and then some more of our property....
hence the name of my studio. I love when it blooms in the spring and fall,
it really does look like purple waterfalls of bloom running wild . The  scent
is wonderful!  I love color and being surrounded by it makes me happy!  

Lampwork beads are made by melting rods of glass on to a mandrel
coated with a release  agent.  I make most of my beads using Effettre or
Lauscha glasses. They are always kiln annealed. I want all of my
customers to be happy with their purchases - if for any reason you are not
you can return the beads for a replacement or your money back!
About Me & My Beads